Cooking Fats

These are universal products with an improved composition of fatty acids. Produced on the basis of refined deodorized vegetable oils and fats.

They are used for frying, baking and direct use in food products.

  • preserve the natural taste and beneficial properties of products during cooking
  • extend the shelf life of finished products
  • don’t burn or foam during heating
  • cost-effective, which in turn reduces the cost of the finished dish

Physical and chemical parameters


Melting point, °C SFC at 20 °С, %
Frytiurnyi 33-36 29-34
Liquid fat for frying Newrich F1 (LT*) 0-15 0-5


All species are characterized by:


Fat content (%) ≥ 99,7

Moisture and volatile matters (%) ≤ 0,3

Acid number (mg. KOH/g) ≤ 0,2

Peroxide value (½О mmol/kg) ≤ 2,0


*LT – weight fraction of trans isomers of unsaturated fatty acids less than 2%