About us

Olkom Group is one of the leaders among oil-fat enterprises in Ukraine.

We produce sauces, mayonnaise, mustard, sunflower oil, margarines, sandwich margarines, spreads, specialized margarines and fats for the baking, confectionery and dairy industries.

All our products meet the requirements of international standards for the quality management system DSTU ISO 9001:2015 (ISO 9001:2015, IDT) and the safety management system on the principles of HACCP – DSTU ISO 22000:2007 (ISO 22000:2005, IDT).

Our team is primarily a team of highly qualified professionals and like-minded people. It is the experience of our specialists, their knowledge, their desire to work in a team, are key components of our success.
Anna Oleksenko
Chief Shareholder
of the Olkom Group
since 2017
Nyna Leshchenko
COO Olkom Group Chairman of the Board of
"Kiev Margarine Factory", PJSC
Serhii Myronenko
CFO Olkom Group
Dmytro Semerez
Business Development Director
Olena Bielova
HR Director
Dmytro Usatyi
Head of Foreign Activity Department
Mykola Kashchenko
Corporation Lawyer
Oksana Zaichenko
Deputy Chairman of the Board of
"Kiev Margarine Factory", PJSC
Serhii Tsytskun
CSO Olkom Group
Our partners
Following the longstanding traditions, Olkom Group continues to produce and develop products, meeting the needs of our clients - from every home to the largest companies to have healthy foods of highest quality, which match new international standards and safety regulations.
Our dream

We strive to grow and develop with our employees, customers and partners in order to deliver to the world the highest quality and benefits of our products.

Our values
Quality & Safety
Innovation & Excellence
Respect, trust and development of our employees
Environmental friendliness
Respect for clients and partners and mutually beneficial cooperation
Openness and transparency
Global goals
  • Ecological packaging
  • Zero water waste
  • Environmental care
  • Taboo on irresponsible consumption
  •  Zero accidents culture
The first brick was laid in the construction of the Kiev Margarine Factory
Production of the first product - margarine and mayonnaise
Oleg Oleksenko becomes the main owner of the company
Creation of the Olkom brand and start of complex modernization of production
Production Olkom products, keeping recipes proven over the years
Modernization and increase of production capacities for oil deodorization, production of margarines and sauces
Production of sunflower oil in a bottle
Release of a new innovative line of mayonnaise and sauces Olkom Style with different tastes
ISO and HACCP production certification
Start of the project for the production of specialized fats for the confectionery and dairy industries
Start of low-trans fat production
Modernization and increase of production capacities for production of margarines and specialized fats